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Sana Al-Badri
Founder, SageFund

"Gian's advice has been extremely useful and not the kind of advice you can simply find googling around. He shares inside tips that founders and even VCs themselves are unaware of. Knowing more of the psychology behind fundraising has made a big difference for us getting funding for our fundraise."

Will Gibbs
Partner, Octopus Ventures

"Gian has a fantastic ability to spot unusually talented entrepreneurs and has the rare position of having been on both sides of the pitch! I worked with Gian looking at thousands of opportunities and many of the key principles he writes about reflect how the venture capital world operates and the questions an investor is thinking, but perhaps wouldn’t put on paper!"

Alex Rainey
Founder, Pluto Travel

"Gian's knowledge is incredibly insightful. I discovered this before my 3rd round of investment and wish I had all this information at the start of my founder journey. He's managed to condense years of his own experience into an actionable and compact newsletter."

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