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Are you a founder who doesn't know how to raise venture funding?

You have no clue what investors are looking for when they speak to you. You don't know how to convince investors that you are the right founder to back. You are a founder that lacks experience and titles.

In this
you will:
  • Understand why investors back founders not companies
  • How to convince investors you are a founder they want in their portfolio
  • How to build credibility and relationships with investors

What Customers Say About The Fundraising Founder Framework

Frieda Wane
Founder, Dear Health

"Fundraising has been such a hard concept for me to understand. Especially as a woman trying to raise from a male dominated industry. This course has simplified what makes a VC-backed founder great. It's a big reason for why I was able to raise my $1.5m seed round."

Alex Rainey
Founder, Pluto Travel

"Gian's Fundraising Founder course was incredibly insightful. I discovered this before my 3rd round of investment and wish I had all this information at the start of my founder journey. He's managed to condense years of his own experience and weeks of reading fundraising blogs yourself, into an actionable and compact course. Extremely well spent money."

Sana Al-Badri
Founder, SageFund

"Gian's advice in this course has been extremely useful and not the kind of advice you can simply find googling around. He shares inside tips that founders and even VCs themselves are unaware of. Knowing more of the psychology behind fundraising has made a big difference for us getting funding for our fundraise."

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What's Inside This Course?

The 4-step framework to make you a better fundraising founder.


Chapter 1: Vision

How to show your world-changing view of the future

  • Understand the 3 reasons why your vision matters

  • Learn how to develop a vision and mindset that is authentic to yourself

  • Learn how to package your vision in an easy to understand format to investors

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Chapter 2: Storytelling

How to tell a compelling story that inspires

  • Learn how tell compelling stories that make investors want to join you on your journey

  • Learn the 2 main stories you have to tell as a founder that makes investors interested

  • Understand the 4 types of founder stories and how to pick the one that is authentic to you

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Chapter 3: Execution

How to prove you can bring your ideas to reality

  • Understand what investors are looking for when they look for evidence of execution

  • Learn the 3 areas of execution

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Chapter 4: Awareness

How to get attention and build trust with investors

  • Learn the processes on how the best founders build relationships with investors before they fundraise

  • Understand how to leverage your own knowledge to build credibility as a founder

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Will Gibbs
Partner, Octopus Ventures

"Gian has a fantastic ability to spot unusually talented entrepreneurs and has the rare position of having been on both sides of the pitch! I worked with Gian looking at thousands of opportunities and many of the key principles in the course reflect how the venture capital world operates and the questions an investor is thinking, but perhaps wouldn’t put on paper!"

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Hi. I'm Gian Seehra.

I've been a part of $350m+ of venture capital funding from pre-seed to Series B.

Then, in 2020, I decided to walk away from the VC world to help founders fundraise.

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